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Freezing Cilantro

If you are like me and love cilantro, you purchase those wonderful bundles of fresh flavor often. Trouble is, I rarely use the entire bundle, and after about a week in the fridge, it takes on a rather unpleasant slimy appearance and has to be thrown out.

I have found an easy way to preserve leftover cilantro for future recipes and thought you might find this useful as well.

preserving cilantro_oop

When I use cilantro, I go ahead and wash and drain the entire bundle, cut off the ends of the stems and discard. Chop the remaining cilantro and set aside the portion needed for the recipe. Then place the leftover chopped cilantro in a couple of snack-sized baggies and add just enough water to cover. Seal the baggies and freeze. Then, next time I make soup, I can grab a baggie from the freezer, and pop the frozen cilantro right into the soup (the baggie will easily tear away from the frozen ice).

If you want to save the cilantro in smaller portions, you can place it in an ice-cube tray, cover with water, and once frozen, pop the cubes out and place them in a baggie in the freezer. Take out one or two cubes as needed.

I’ve never tried using the frozen cilantro in an uncooked recipe, but it is great for cooked dishes!

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